Book of Mormon Wins Several Awards

See the Book of Mormon for a Night of Laughs

South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, with their successful collaboration have brought to the world one of the hottest and amazing musicals to hit Broadway in years. Book of Mormon theater tickets are usually booked in advance and incredibly hard to find especially when the tickets are sought at the last moment. A fairly reasonable explanation for this shortage is because of the great performance that the New York team has put up for its audience in addition to the touring version that trekked across the country in 2013. Featuring a unique combination of religious musical, the team has put together an impressive show.

The musical is the result of an idea that the duo started working on from 2003, featuring songs that covered all manner of subjects in the Mormon religion. From cheerful numbers related to their love of going door to door while preaching, to the history of Joseph Smith along with Star Wars are some of the references that most people wouldn’t think twice before associating it with the religion. Fortunately, though they also found a way to do this without offending the Mormon community which is in itself a creative and appreciable act. In fact, the church is quite a fan of the musical and even advertises it on the playbill.

The story itself revolves around two Mormon missionaries who have been sent to Uganda to witness the local people and their ways. They soon find themselves facing plenty of challenges, as the people there have their own routine and basic hardships to worry about, rather than being interested in hearing about a new religion and turning towards seeking spiritual development. What comes next is an entirely delightful journey that not only explains the Mormon faith to new groups of people, but does it in a way that Mormons and non Mormons alike can appreciate and reflect on.

As a result of that love, it has won an incredible nine Tony awards and one Grammy. It also has the highest selling Broadway recording album in the past four decades. This level of attention is something that no one could have ever expected inside the community if they had only seen South Park. For Book of Mormon theater tickets, that means there will continue to be a long line around the block in the form of their audience, but it is well worth the effort.