LA Baseball Predictions

Predictions For The Upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers Games

The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing the San Francisco Giants in their next game and this particular game is expected to be very interesting. This is because the Dodgers have not had good results in the recent games and hence the Giants are expected to be a big challenge. This drop in performance is primarily attributed to the fact that some of the main players in the team who have traditionally performed well are not in their best forms recently. Such players include Gonzalez who has been one of the most consistent hitters in the game and hence his poor performance is surprising to many fans. However, if the Dodgers are able to motivate their star players including Gonzalez, then they are expected to perform well when they face the Giants.

After playing the Giants, the Dodgers will next face Philadelphia Phillies and this game is expected to attract a lot of fans who are always eager to buy Dodgers tickets, especially during home matches such as this upcoming one. These fans are expected to give the Dodgers a slight advantage since their cheering might intimidate the Phillies. However, the dramatic drop in performance of the various key Dodgers players might play the major role in determining the outcome of this match. This is because the star players’ poor performance is mentally affecting even the other team mates and has a negative influence on the team in general. Therefore, if the team wants to perform well in these two upcoming matches, then it must find a quick solution and overcome these issues. Key players definitely must be well prepared if Dodgers want to be the winners. They must find the way to overcome these problems because everything is on them. The Dodgers are a team that is unusually dependent on its star players.

After playing with these two teams, the Dodgers will next face the Minnesota Twins which is not the team that should be underrated since they play pretty well. The Twins have surprised various teams that have played with them and believed the fact that they were weaker opponents. Fans who will buy Dodgers tickets for this match will expect to see their team perform at its best despite the belief that the Twins might not be a big challenge. Therefore, if the Dodgers manage to revive their traditional good performance, then they are likely to win their three upcoming matches and make their fans satisfied.