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More and more professionals are choosing to install their medical practice in commercial buildings. A medical practice is an institution receiving public (ERP) to allow access to people with reduced mobility, it is therefore subject to regulations to comply so that it is up to standards.  The fact that to lease the best medical office space in DC  is installed in a building must not have implications for the patient who must feel good in this environment and find all the elements essential to the Medical function practiced.  Medical practices are frequent places of passage, the chosen floor must respect disinfection and hygiene constraints, it is necessary to choose a material that will be easy to clean. 

The soil must also support the disinfectants used to prevent the growth of bacteria. The floor must meet the technical standards imposed for the ERP, the technical characteristics are defined by the UPEC standard.  The waiting room of your medical office is a space that should not be neglected, it is indeed the first contact that the patient will have with you, the layout of this room is essential, it will influence the image that the patient will have of you. It is essential to optimize the space of this place and to choose suitable furniture so that it is a warm space for your patients.  

The layout of the dental office must be organized carefully taking into account the various technical constraints but also the serenity of the clientele. The choice of soil is therefore an important element that should not be neglected. Today, the possibilities are vast to combine respect for the law and the well-being of patients. Which type of soil to choose. The choice of tiles has long been preferred for office floors. Nevertheless, the choice is much larger today to rebuild its soil. For example, there are several coatings. Thermoplastic coatings, resin coatings, vinyl coatings, and tiling or parquet. Whatever the floor chosen, it must respect the disinfection and hygiene constraints. 

In a dental office, there is a lot of passage, hence the importance of choosing a material easy to clean and supporting disinfectants that prevent the proliferation of bacteria and resistant to frequent passage. The floor must be resistant to wear, sliding, chemical attack, suitable for intensive use and not noisy. Given the budget required, it is better to call on a professional who will advise you on the best material for your premises and ensure a pose that will hold in time.  The floor of the cabinet should undergo frequent cleaning. It is therefore necessary that the soil can withstand daily washing and disinfection which are a necessity. 

Differentiate spaces 

The floor of the treatment room has more important constraints than the reception and the waiting room. It is mandatory to make a pose with a rise in plinth with rounded groove. The material used must be thermoplastic welded. Asepsis is an important element to consider. The floor laid at the reception may be different from that laid in other rooms of the cabinet. His choice can be part of the decoration of this part of the establishment. The floor of the waiting room, showcase of the cabinet, must be chosen with great care and bring a plus in the decoration.  

It is not uncommon, it is even rather common, that dental practices are sources of apprehension for patients. The design and layout of a dentist’s waiting room is therefore not trivial and should be carefully thought out. The goal is to reassure and soothe the patient when he walks through the cabinet door.  A welcome place designed for relaxation.  

By entering the waiting room of a dental office, it is perfectly legitimate for a patient to be anxious and apprehensive about the care that will be provided. As such, this key area of a dentist’s office has a special purpose: to reassure and relax the patient.  For this, it is important to respect some rules of design and layout. It is therefore preferable to arrange the waiting room in an open space on the reception, to allow communication with the secretariat if necessary, and especially not to exacerbate the tension that can feel the patient. 

Similarly, it is advisable to provide an opening on the outside to let in light.  Moreover, always with the aim of creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, particular attention should be paid to the choice of furniture. Rather than chairs, we will opt for comfortable armchairs. Lighting should also be designed so as not to be too aggressive, and therefore anxiety-provoking. The choice of colors also contributes to the feeling of relaxation that one wishes to promote. We will favor light tones and pastel colors. As for the floor, a carpet or a parquet emits a warmer note than the tiles.  … and to reassure  Another way to ease the anxiety of patients in the waiting room of a dental office is to broadcast relaxing music or essential oils for example. But it is also possible to install a water fountain or an aquarium; water has indeed an effective soothing effect for most people.  

It may also be interesting to set up an information area, where the patient can find advice and answers regarding oral hygiene or care techniques. This space can take the form of a documentation corner set up in the waiting room, with paper documents developed for this purpose. But we can also consider the installation of a television screen on which are disseminated informative messages likely to interest the patients of the cabinet, and thus reassure them as to what awaits them.  Adapt the waiting room according to the clientele depending on whether the practitioner is specialized for children or adults, the waiting room will not be arranged in the same way. 

For children, it is important to bring a playful and joyful side, with appropriate colors and furniture. Yellow, blue or green for example, tables and small chairs where the little ones can draw, and perhaps express their emotions if necessary. A reading corner must also be arranged, with a sufficiently wide choice of books and magazines, adapted to the different age groups that is brought to receive the dentist.  It is also important to think of the parents who accompany their children, making sure to offer them comfortable reception conditions (armchairs, magazines …).

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